I’m fed up with copywriting.

Ok, first things first if you’re reading this and you’re a copywriter friend of mine then let me set you straight right away. This is absolutely in no way an attack on you or your profession. To the contrary, I’m making a stand for you.

I’m fed up with the term “copywriter” and here’s why….

Firstly, copywriters don’t “copy”. They originate, they craft, they do amazing things with words to tell stories, instill brands with meaning, emotion and make connections with their customers. They are absolutely critical to the creative output of any agency worth its salt.

Secondly, the very definition of the term is out of date. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “copy” means that something is a “matter to be set especially for printing”, or “something considered printable or newsworthy”. In other words, it’s print that’s meant to be copied. Now I’m not putting print down either, it has its place, but how does this term encompass the marketing landscape we work in today? It’s got me!

Next I also question how a budding writer can relate to such a definition? How does that terminology inspire anyone to want to become a “copywriter”. The term devalues the incredible skill my colleagues have. After all weren’t we always told not to copy at school.

Lastly (rant almost over), it’s not only aspiring writers which I think struggle with the understanding of the term, it’s also anyone they talk to who asks “what you do for a living?”. The very term copywriter is a contradiction in words so they must be as confused as the rest of us.

What’s the answer? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking about it……“content creator” is about as close as I’ve come but it’s still not right. If anyone has any other suggestions then please let me know :)

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