Trinity Part: 4

I remember sitting there, across from her bed wondering how I could let this happen. How I couldn’t protect her. How I couldn’t keep my promise. The reality hit me so hard, It was so surreal.

We finally left the house around 5 o’clock. We were both in high spirits having a good time. We just decided to leave the house and just walk, it didn’t matter where. We were walking down my street when I spotted someone approaching us on a bicycle, I could tell who it was easy. It was my friend Tom, Tom was a bit of an ass, but he was loyal and a good friend. He biked up to us and said: “Finally got a girlfriend eh?” He unmounted his bike. I was about to speak when trinity spoke first “Yes he has.” She wrapped her arm around my waist and I put my arm around her and went with it. Tom didn’t seem surprised, probably because he knew she was lying by the look on my face. She smiled a big smile. “where are you guys going, want to come over for a swim later, both of you ?” Trinity was probably about to blurt out yes but I spoke “ Well first, Tom, Trinity. Trinity, Tom.” “Hi.” “Hey!” “Offer stands love birds. Text me when and if you’re coming. And I still have your swim shorts.” He jumped on his bike and said goodbye as he pedaled off up the street. 
“Who was that?” “That was my best friend.” “Really?” “Yeah, Why?” “Thought I was your best friend!” “Oh but you Trinity,” I said quite boldly “Are my best girlfriend.” I turned towards her and bowed oh so graciously while offering my hand for her to hold. She blushed and grabbed it. “Girlfriend huh?” “you’re the one who told Tom that we were together.” “Did I now?” she giggled, a silence fell between us but we both had smiles on our faces. Trinity picked up the conversation. “Well now that we’ve determined that I’m older, I don’t know what to do with this information.” “Back on this again Trinity?” “Yes! Now that I know that I’m older than you I feel like I’m the elder I should teach you things.” We were now walking into a clearing that had two wooden park benches and a dilapidated play ground. It was covered in rust and in disrepair. Trinity and I sat on a bench facing a dirt road, beyond that road was a wooded area where my friends including Tom and I would play in. “Teach me things?! like what?” “This.” she kissed me on the cheek. “Well, what did I do to deserve the honor of thy ladies lips on my cheek?” “You deserve a lot more than that for everything you’ve done.” “All I’ve done is help a friend out, a simple thanks is all I need.” “What?! You didn’t like my kiss on the cheek? I’m offended!” She said this sarcastically, but I didn’t notice. So I replied quite frantically “Oh, no ugh I didn’t mean to offend…” I was cut off by a kiss, not on the cheek but on the lips. It was a deep kiss. I did my best to kiss back but I was a bit shocked. “You didn’t offend me. I don’t think you can, even if you tried. You’re too nice.” “uh..i…. Guess” “Don’t be so nervous.” she got up and headed towards the play ground beckoning for me to follow. She climbed a top the playground and sat there looking down at me spinning the captain’s wheel. “Are you still under that promise you made yesterday?” “I keep them so yes.” “So you will answer every question I ask, honestly.” “Of course, Why what’s on your mind?” “was that your first kiss?” “The first kiss I actually attempted to kiss back.” “So you’ve been kissed before?” “Yeah but not with my permission…” her tone changed “I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you either.” I raised my hand in protest. “It’s okay, Trin.” she jumped down to my level. It was getting dark and the street lights were turning on.

“Can I..” I cut her off “Want to head to Tom’s? Go for a swim? It’s getting dark, or we could just go home.” I noticed a car, parked on the street we came off of. Was it there the whole time we were here. “Well let’s walk and we will see.” “okay but not that way.” “But that’s the way we came.” “there’s a car there.” I pointed. “How long has it been there?” “I have no clue.” “We need to go. It’s his car!” A wave of panic came over Trinity’s face, drowning out all the awkwardly good things that just transpired. “Don’t run,” I said sternly. “Walk with me calmly.” I offered her my hand and she took it. We headed for the dirt road, then the hair on my arm stood up. But I knew I wouldn’t like what was coming next. I took a quick look around only to see nothing just the old park and that black Ford Mustang. 
So we kept walking, we were on the dirt road when I heard footsteps. Yet I was too slow to react, A sharp pain pulsed from the back of my head as I fell to the ground. Everything was blurry like waking up in the morning but it cleared up quick. My hand caught my fall as my other gripped tighter to Trinity’s hand. I felt her being pulled away but I squeezed her hand holding on as hard as I could. Until I felt a boot kick my side, it kicked my breath out of my lungs. It resulted in me falling on my side pulling Trinity down on top of me. That’s when I saw him, the man who hurt her, In so many ways, so many times. I felt angry and upset that this man was responsible for Trinity’s pain. He was tall had brown hair and green eyes. And he was looking right at me. I got up but he landed a punch into my gut. It didn’t affect me, so I clasped my hands together to make a club and hit him across the face. He responded with a kick to my thigh. At this point, Trinity was up and I told her to run. But she stood there motionless her face turned pale. I glanced back at my attacker then nothing…

*warning* Disturbing Content

Everything went black, I heard her screaming so loud, then her screams were muffled but so close. I heard that man saying something it sounded just like profanity. “You …. bitch!” I heard a slap land on Trinity’s face. “ I … you … life! A purpose!” Trinity was sobbing I could hear it, I tried opening my eyes and I saw the man’s black shirt and the back of his head a bit of the way off from me. But the pain was so sharp they snapped shut. I heard a constant slapping noise but I didn’t know what it was, was someone clapping? Was some perverted asshole watching this?! Cheering him on? I opened my eyes again I had to see what the heck was going on. I saw more clearly this time the man had his pants down around his knees and was forcing himself upon Trinity. Till this day I don’t know how I did it but one moment I’m on the ground seeing this obscenity and the next I’m standing up behind him kicking him in the balls. He yelled out his pain and fell over, Trinity fell face first to the ground and I went to her. 
She had a rolled up dish rag in her mouth, she was gagging on it as I took it out and the first words she said were “Thank you.” she was crying loudly. All while the man was slowly pulling up his pants with one hand while holding his testicles with the other. Trinity then stood up and walked over to him, she wobbled a bit but she wiped away the tears from her eyes and she kicked him and kept kicking him. I couldn’t tell how many emotions were shown on her face that moment but one wasn’t their forgiveness. Nor did this man deserve it. I stepped closer and saw blood running down her bare leg. I said “Trinity you’re Bleeding.” she stopped kicking the man and looked down at her leg. “That’s a lot of blood,” I said. 
The man got up, now that Trinity and I were distracted. I heard his footsteps going in the other direction. I looked and saw he was running. I heard an engine’s roar so I turned around only to be blinded by what I assume to be headlights. It hurt really bad, right in the back of my head and then nothing… again.

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