3 Customer Feedback Comment Cards Template Questions to Try

As a small business owner or manager in the hospitality industry, you might be considering adding comment cards to your customer service strategy. Comment cards are a great way to measure customer satisfaction. Your guests are the best experts on their own needs and concerns, so take every opportunity to gather their feedback and take action on your discoveries. Here are three ways to ask for feedback on a comment card:

1. The Overall Satisfaction Question

Ask how customers feel about your company overall: “How satisfied are you overall with the experience we provide?” This isn’t an actionable question, since it doesn’t include why they feel that way, but it provides a baseline for tracking customer experience progress over the long term. Since it’s common to ask about overall satisfaction, you can find industry benchmarks with which to compare your results.

2. The Behavioral Question

“Are you likely to recommend us to a friend or colleague? Why or why not?” Make sure to include questions aimed at discovering how your guests will behave in the future. Researchers have found that asking whether or not a customer will recommend you is a trustworthy indicator of future behavior. Guests who respond positively are your “promoters,” and negative responses come from your “detractors.” Tracking these numbers is essential, as you work to minimize detractors and turn every new patron into a promoter. Of course, it’s essential to make careful note of every suggestion guests give in this category.

3. The Open-Ended Question

Leave most of the space on your comment card for the guest to answer an open-ended question, such as “How can we serve you better in the future?” While this question might not provide data that can be quantified as easily as the other two, this is where you get to know your guests. You’ll find out what’s foremost on their minds when they think about your company. Take time to implement the suggestions here, and get in touch with your guest to tell them you did so. Chances are they’ll make another reservation to see your improvements.

Final Tips

Offer comment cards to customers at a non-interruptive moment; if receiving the card is an unpleasant distraction from their dinner or hotel stay, they will not be inclined to stop and fill it out. Comment cards shouldn’t be a detraction from the very customer service experience they are meant to improve!

Quality printing and attractive use of your branding is essential. Design the card to take no more than a minute to fill out; modern consumers appreciate it when you don’t demand too much of their time. Finally, emphasize that you will follow up! Give the customer a way to find out when you’ve taken their suggestions.

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