Customer Satisfaction Survey Template for Restaurant Owners

Customer satisfaction surveys are a useful tool in gathering and analyzing information about your guests’ experience at your restaurant. If you’re a manager or owner interested in connecting with your guests and discovering better ways to meet their needs, a survey can give you the data you need.

The most useful surveys get straight to the point, requiring only a minimum of time out of your customer’s day. Five to ten questions is the ideal length. It’s best to use a rating scale for answers, which allows the data to be easily quantified and tracked over time. Here is a sample survey, designed to cover the areas of customer service most important to a restaurant manager.

Knowing what your guest plans to do in the future is essential. Always remember to include this question; the answers indicate how many promoters — guests who respond with 1’s and 2’s — and how many detractors — 4’s and 5’s — you have.

How to Implement a Customer Survey

A customer satisfaction survey template is only useful when adapted strategically to your restaurant. Consider a few ways to ensure your surveys are effective:

  • Make sure your customers know about your survey! Emphasize how much you value honest feedback when you or your staff offer surveys to guests.
  • Offer incentives if you need a way to get more customers involved. A discounted meal or a free dessert will bring guests back for more once they’ve completed the survey.
  • Remember to include your company branding on the survey.
  • Leaving feedback should be an easy, non-interruptive part of your guests’ experience. Never allow a customer service survey to get in the way of serving your customers!
  • Once you’ve received feedback, be sure to act on it. Nothing is more discouraging to a customer who took time to leave feedback than realizing it isn’t valued.

Customer Experience Management for Modern Businesses

The advantage of this customer satisfaction survey template is its ability to track guests’ satisfaction in a quantifiable way. However, surveys do not allow an easy way to respond to your patrons’ comments, limiting you to one-way communication. Additionally, analyzing survey data takes time and is best used for long term tracking, which is not helpful when you need to respond to feedback in real time.

For these needs, there’s BlurtBox. This easy to use app allows customers to give you anonymous feedback which you can view and address immediately. For the modern business owner and manager, connecting with guests requires more than a customer service survey template. Try the next step in customer experience management for free today!