Restaurant Comment Card vs. Real-Time, Anonymous Customer Feedback App

The restaurant comment card, while still somewhat effective, could be a thing of the past now that there’s an anonymous customer feedback app on the market. We’ll compare and contrast the two systems of customer feedback here and help you decide which setup is best for your restaurant.


First up, we have the traditional restaurant comment card and suggestion box that many of us have become familiar with over the years. This system includes distributing slips of paper to your guests that ask for their personal contact information as well as a few questions about the quality of their experience in your restaurant. While this may seem like an old fashioned way of doing things, it can still be relatively effective.


One big selling point to this method of gathering customer feedback is its ability to collect your guests’ personal information. This information can be helpful down the road when compiling marketing lists for the distribution of promotional emails or for sending out birthday messages.


A downside to this method is that patrons of your restaurant are often times too impatient to fill out a comment card directly after their meal. Especially if you are asking for personal information on top of asking about their experience. They are probably ready to get home and relax, not stick around the restaurant and fill out a comment card for 10 minutes.

There is also a limited information that can be provided on a physical comment card. People have limited space when writing on these cards so they may not get the chance to express all of their concerns in writing. Comment cards also limit people to only write about issues based on the predetermined prompts on the card. This may cause problems when people try to address little known issues or give the restaurant a compliment.


The second option to consider using is an anonymous customer feedback app. This system can work great for a variety of businesses because of the comprehensive list of features present in many of these softwares. They give you so much more insight into the things you’re doing right and the things you could be improving on, directly from your customers.


For example, BlurtBox has what’s called a sentiment grader. This is an exclusive tool that can tell you whether a piece of feedback is mostly positive or negative automatically. The sentiment grader can save you tons of time and energy when sorting through feedback, trying to decide which ones to respond to first.

Another helpful tool BlurtBox offers is a means of two-way communication between the restaurant and its customers. This is important when trying to create personal relationships with your customers, which will hopefully turn into repeat visits. Being able to privately message a customer back after receiving their feedback is something that could not be done with traditional restaurant comment cards.

With all things considered, there’s no reason an anonymous customer feedback app shouldn’t be implemented in your restaurant. They are much more efficient and simpler to use than the traditional comment card and suggestion box setup, and way more convenient for the people who are voluntarily using it, the customers. Think you’re ready to experience first hand how easy it is to use a virtual comment box in your restaurant? Set up your free BlurtBox account today.