This Yelp Alternative App Manages Customer Experience Instantly

As a business owner the main objective is to improve your customers experiences. Customers turn to Yelp to leave feedback which is a great tool for this. However, as a business we often tend to overlook these reviews. This leaves our customers feeling unheard. Now, there is a Yelp alternative app. BlurtBox is an alternative app that makes managing the customer experience instantaneous.

What makes Blurtbox so unique?

Privatized Dashboard

Yelp is great for collecting feedback from customers but the only downfall of this is that it is public. Customers must create an account and provide personal information just to leave feedback. BlurtBox is completely anonymous and to leave feedback customers just need to download the app.

Public negative reviews can be damaging for a business. On Yelp it is difficult to address issues as the damage is already done. On BlurtBox when a negative review is written the only people who can view it are the business and the customer. This allows the business owner to uphold their reputation and address any concerns.

A More Personal Customer Experience

With BlurtBox’s privatized dashboard customers and business owners are able to interact on a whole new level. Once a Blurt has been received the business is able to read and respond appropriately. The customer will receive a response to their Blurt that addresses any issues. This helps develop a relationship between the customer and business as the customer will feel like their input matters.

Real Time Feedback

The best aspect of BlurtBox is that businesses are able to receive and review feedback in real time. When a Blurt is created the business instantly receives a notification. Because the business is notified of feedback rather than searching for it, more time is being spent on improving customer experience.

BlurtBox takes on the customer experience and improves it as a Yelp alternative app. With the app, receiving and responding to feedback becomes instantaneous and easier on the business owner. Try it for yourself and see the benefits Blurtbox adds to managing customer experience. Set up your free Blurtbox account today.