Bennett the Menace

First day of school, when all the nervous youngsters are squirming in their seats, the teacher asks “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Michael Bennett gave his best grin and answered “I’m gonna be in the NBA.” People always tell kids to dream big and that they can do anything they want. However, the teacher would force a fake smile to surface and encourage him to say something else. Bennett never changed his answer. Time passed, teachers came and went, but his answer remained the same.

Bennett always made sure to be on a basketball team, whether it was the school team or a rec team. He always had something with a Knicks logo on it, and he always had a SLAM Magazine shoved in his binder. On the first day of his freshman year of high school, he trudged into Coach Kingsley’s Algebra class with the rest of his classmates. The first thing Kingsley had each student do was stand up and tell him what they were going to do when they got older. When Bennett’s turn came, he stood up and gave the same answer he’d been giving since he could talk.

“I’m going to be in the NBA.”

“Do I get court side tickets?” Kingsley asked with no hint of joking. Bennett cracked his famous grin, “Of course.”

Off the court, Bennett is competing for a top ten spot in his graduating class. On the court, he attracts scouts from all around to get a glimpse of his skills first hand. His ankle-breaking mixtapes on YouTube only show so much. His dream doesn’t seem so foolish now.

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