It should be known that these words aren’t mine, they’re borrowed from the one speaking them.

She’s very generous with her thoughts especially when I’m with her, Alone.

She’s always waiting to be there for me by default.

I want you to know Ryan Adams did a better version of Wonderwall. Even better than Oasis’.

Let them know that my best moments no longer exist because the one who helped create them is no longer in my life.

My inspiration left.

Remember that I loved and failed and loved and failed again.

It should be known that I was awesome on great days, shite on other days and remarkably unremarkable in between.

And sometimes I felt like I could save the world though I hadn’t seen my cape in a while, other times I was expendable.

Never forget that my greatest fear is being an extra in my own movie.

Like you see in the opening scene of the movie set on a busy street where the camera sorta kinda focuses on the “main” guy or girl but there’s this guy who trips and almost falls but you don’t realize because he’s not in your focus? Yeah that guy!

This year I planned on blinding you all with my shine and that isn’t going so great right now.

But somehow I’m living my Best Life. LOL.

And oh, the adulting thing came too fast. Can we please rewind?

I really don’t mind being a grown ass kid.

My best days now, are spent in this restroom, pants down thinking about what should and shouldn’t be known.

Now I’m stuck in the routine of a daily job and lately she and I don’t hangout that much anymore.

Months later, all of the “be knowns” don’t matter.

I’m stuck in the routine of a daily job, she and I don’t hangout that much anymore.

Just realized that everything is fleeting and I’m sorry for wasting your time

Forget all I wanted you to know.

It’ll all soon be irrelevant anyway.