Creativity is a rather broad word, with a multitude of meanings depending on who you ask. Maybe it’s a clever workaround, maybe it’s a top notch pass that only the passer sees, or maybe it’s a beautiful work of art that causes you to question the boundaries of reality.

For me creativity is grounded in a strategic and artistic definition. Lately I’ve been rediscovering my creative side through visits to art galleries, meeting new people, and the sheer natural splendor that is San Francisco. It’s prompted me to explore the written word again, and even more so pick up the old pencil and sketchbook. While being creative expands my mind, I think that the root of the word, create, is the true source of fulfillment that comes with the practice.

In life we often are playing to a playbook, sometimes not even our own, and we forget to exercise our ability to create. To build something from scratch with a vision of an end goal is a truly exceptional and far too often unheralded skill to have. I plan to use my renaissance of sorts to reawaken that side of me in hopes of creating new challenges for myself. Far too often I have not exercised this part of my skill set. That begs the question, what draws out your desire to create? The painting by Magritte below is what spurred me.