Based upon what we know today, what important technology innovation needs development within the next 5 years?

This list could be endless, but if one reduces it to only real important needs, it shrinks the list immensely. Ray Kurzweil is known for predicting the future and his vision has technology becoming smarter than humans by 2045. That is thirty years away; the question becomes are we too dumb today to know that our planet is experiencing some uncommon phenomena? Certainly, it could be something cyclic and eventually will get back to normal soon, but what if it is not cyclic? What if in thirty years we are in need of humanity’s survival capability already in place, verses some real smart technology?

Point of ’no return’

Being advised we are already past the point of ‘no return’ for global warming of the planet. With population still growing, those environmental effects will definitely being increased. We need some solutions today; we need to start at least planning survival today not waiting some thirty years downstream for some smart technology to determine our fate. We need to remember all computer’s intelligence based upon the information entered. If we have it wrong, the computer will provide wrong answers!

Fixes tried

As far back as the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla quoted in saying the planet would be uninhabitable by the end of the 21st century. Everyone laughed, however, by the middle of the 20th century all governments came together to address the global heating problem — their laughing stopped! Many ideas to fix the problem tried and some made it worse! It did not really leak to the public until Al Gore made it a political agenda. If we are indeed past, the point of ‘no return’ then trying to fix the problem does not make much sense. We should concentrate on survival versus reducing the environmental effects. All the technology innovations aimed at saving the species versus more gadgets, games, rockets, spacecrafts, environmental issues, etc. We need to be planning for survival now!

Planning needs to start

The planning directed in finding a new home for humanity needs to start now; discover a planet inhabitable for humans, definitely not Mars. Rockets and spacecrafts is not the transportation system, we need a system that can travel lightyears, not miles. Current space technology locks humanity to earth and the moon, with a potential to put a couple of humans on Mars. We need to colonize another planet(s) with millions of humans, maybe even billions before earth becomes potentially uninhabitable. We can sit on hands or, keep our heads in the sand until the last minute and then hope for some quick solution, or get started today with a plan to save humanity in the event it is needed.

Develop the technology

The first step is to develop a different transportation system, one that Nikola Tesla was giving speeches 107 years ago. He was talking about moving matter through the air by the means of altering waves; this was 23 years before the word ‘teleport’ existed. Twenty years later both Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr provided the science to perform real object teleportation; we just did not have the technology. Today we have the technology; the obstacle being science believes teleportation is impossible. Physics wants to play the science fiction ‘Star Trek’ methodology to perform teleportation within some future decade or century. Using their thinking, teleportation is definitely impossible today, and it will still be impossible in all future decades and centuries. Why? Because in their thinking it is science fiction!

Need to start now

There is a patent applied to illustrate a 1st generation of real object teleportation; a project needs to get into the ‘correct laboratory’ (not physics) with the ‘right scientists’ and the ‘needed resources’ to develop this application. Once achieved, it will still take years and more technology generations to get into deep space, i.e. Kepler 452b. However, we will be on a feasible path to colonize many planets with millions upon billions of humans. Then should the event earth become uninhabitable, humanity will survive. Even if that event does not happen, humanity will be on future path far exceeding Ray Kurzweil’s singularity scenario!

A computer truth

With 17 years in radar and space and 44 years in computers there is an ole saying: ‘garbage in, garbage out’!