How low do you stoop Mrs. Clinton?

Here we go again, just shows the mentality of Mrs. Clinton and the campaign she is running; the grieving parents of a downed soldier. I do have empathy for the parents ‘losing’ their son; as a veteran of the Korean war, I have empathy for all parents whom loss sons and daughters in any of these senseless wars fought. Many service people volunteer and when they do, they know the risk, and are willing to SACRIFICE their lives for their country. It is these service personnel sacrificing, not any parent, and no one should ever take that commitment away from those downed personnel. No one, including their parents, should never use that sacrificed commitment made to further any personal, and most definitely for a political means to lure people. The only parent I am aware of attempting to sacrificing his son, and it was to God not a country, being Abraham of the Bible.

This is sacrificing your son; not losing him in war!

Am I, the only veteran that finds this deplorable? Why isn’t our military screaming about this disgraceful act on a fallen soldier; using his sacrificed commitment to lure some stupid American voters. I call on all veterans, service personnel and those parents who lost their sons and daughters to consider if they want a Commander-in -Chief that has so little respect and appreciation for the commitment made of these fallen heroes.

Much worse than forgetting these heroes; using their committed sacrifice for personal and political purposes

But then, the famous quote: “What difference does it make today?” To all fallen service people Mrs. Clinton maybe none, but to those of us lucky enough to stood next to these heroes and be part of their lives and lost them, it makes a HUGE difference today!

Ask these ‘What difference it makes today?’