What is really at stake with this election?

It is definitely not that we have the two best candidates to vote for, and we need to pick one. Both the politicians and the media, being under complete control from their puppet handlers, want to keep everything like has been for decades’ past. However, today’s election should NOT even consider past personalities that those puppet handlers AND the politicians want to brainwash you and I with. In fact, this election is not about people at all; it should be totally about CHANGE! The puppet handlers want you to vote on personality, nothing else; either the big mouth or the crook! They do not want CHANGE!

All seniors should be screaming for change, as an example, October 2015, Congress got in trouble and needed $50 quick billion, at midnight they raided the Social Security Fund ‘AGAIN’; in effect stealing our entitlement money because of their incompetence. What’s the chance of getting a Cost Of Living Adjustment this coming year? AGAIN in order to get Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) launched, they took $500 billion from our paid health benefit fund. In order to justify this removal, they establish a new rule for seniors over 76 years old; many services are now not funded. Not one of our representatives, those you and I pay their salaries and benefits, read the AHA bill — not one, but voted it into law anyway.

This past administration added another $8 trillion dollars to our debt; the one prior to that (a different political party) added $6.5 trillion to yours and my debt. This makes every household in America owing $166,000, understand our (yours and mine) government is broke, we hold the debt not THEM! If we do not make a CHANGE soon, America will either need to go into war, or be sold to the highest bidder in the world. With either, the American dream goes down the tube, all its past history, and a land for the free and liberty for all too! You and I can save this country by voting CHANGE this November!

Forget about personalities this election, neither of them has anything to really brag about. You and I have been given a choice, continue with this incompetent government which consists definitely NOT of true representatives of the people, or start the needed CHANGE today to get our government back for the people, by the people and most definitely to the people. Most all our representatives owe an allegiance to their associated puppet handlers that funded their elections and promises to make them wealthy and fame, obviously at the cost of the American people.

Most definitely vote this year, but also know what you are voting for! Hopefully for America a desperate CHANGE!