Interview in 2016 the series…..Post Interview

This is the part most people don’t think about. The reason why they don’t think about it because they think the interview is over once they leave the interview. This is the part where you need to shine the most and where you can stand out from everyone that you went against.

The biggest thing you should be doing is the following: Email the person or people or just the HR and say thank you for the interview. Also continue to interact with people from that company on social media. The word Thank You goes a long way and it is something that many don’t say. You might even say it’s a forgotten thought. I know that you might being say really Brandon and YES really. Your main job and really your only job is to show up and show out.

I noticed that once I contacted that company I was getting more offers. Then I and now you, will start to have the upper hand. It’s something that is very simple but has a huge impact on the interview because most companies don’t plan for that. I am telling you this for a few reasons. One, from years of helping people and two, from being someone who has done this, and three, that if you do this you can get the job that you really want. Please also understand that this takes work and also time so don’t rush anything. Take your time and don’t over look anything. Good luck to you and I wish you nothing but the best at everything you do.

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