The three W’s the series…..where you want to be?

LOL. This part makes me laugh when I think about it. The reason for that is because most people think this part will just show up and say here I am so take me. News Flash it’s not going to happen and if it does it will be to the 1% of the 1% so stop waiting. Now with that being said I still need you to have a North Star. Please understand that your North Star is on up to you to find it and make things just a little easier, your North Star works hand in hand with your inflection point.

So here are a few reasons why most people stay at this point and to be honest I might make a few people mad. It really doesn’t get to me because if your not going to be honest with yourself no problem I will do it for you. You are entertaining yourself that you made it; you are putting on a front in front of people; you are trying to get the girl or guy; you are trying to look cool in a group setting; you are trying to seem better than other people; you are trying to have a conversation or even start one, I could keep going but you get the point. The main point is that you haven’t done anything but what you are doing is telling stories. So, no telling stories and write and work your story.

Here’s the honest truth about this point it’s hard to get away from. If you start telling stories that you know are not true two things happen. One you have to remember that same story for next time you tell it and the second thing which is the biggest part is that you start to believe the story. The reason why I know this is because I was that person. It was going great until that day came when I was caught and put on blast. That taught me to stop playing me the streets because one day you will get hit by a car. The car being the real truth about what’s really going on. Now with that said, I’ll let you learn for yourself like I had to.

Next time on working in the medium we talk about the Shut Up and Work.

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