the Armitages, for me, were the embodiment of medical apartheid. All I thought about was the Tuskegee Experiments and the forced sterilization of black women in North Carolina and the studies that tell us how doctors treat black patients like we have a higher tolerance for pain than white patients and how psychiatrists are reluctant to help black people in need.
Get the Fuck Outta Here: A Dialogue on Jordan Peele’s GET OUT
Son of Baldwin

Brilliant point here. I especially think that Peele is making the observation on not only physical health and medicine, but on mental health and psychiatry. He’s making commentary on a range of mental health conditions from the runaway disease of drapetomania all the way to the racialization of schizophrenia.

I think Du Bois’ double consciousness has a health dimension too. For literally you have the warring selves inside of Georgina & other captured and lobotomized Black victims. Georgina cries in the poignant scene, one brother bleeds from the nose, and the other brother shoots himself. Therefore, the psychological strain of embodying White consciousness exacted a tremendous toll on Black victims.

This toll could essentially be the manifestation of multiple traumas: post traumatic slave syndrome, race-based trauma, racial battle fatigue, etc. We know in science that mental health often spills over into physical health.