My dear brother, i hear you.
Mike Green

Thank you for your feedback. I am not “lamenting.” I am posing a critique along with a series of questions to which I do not know the answer. My structural analysis as a scholar in Baltimore is about the equity in development in our city. It’s about who benefits and who calls the shots.

Currently, economic development in Baltimore is inequitable. This is actually quite old in Baltimore as we can trace it back to the birth of racial zoning in our city in 1910 and de jure redlining in 1937 in Baltimore.

This map (and the ideology/behavior that produced it) affected economic development for Black Baltimore neighborhoods and it still does. White supremacist capitalism is “the game” therefore I do not believe learning this game will help many Black communities as some do. “The game” is actually not a game at all; it is a ruthless and bloodthirsty system of oppression.

The mode of current economic development must be abandoned and its structures dismantled to produce racially equitable outcomes and reparations for the damage done to Black communities. This damage is not new; it is old and persisting…

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