Aoibhín’s Story (Giving this a heart will support underground musicians)

We’re brother and sister, I started writing my own songs a few years ago and we started playing together just for the craic. We got a few gigs and last summer we went on a mini tour around Ireland, after that it just kind of snowballed.

I started writing my own songs in my bedroom, and when I won a songwriting contest we just decided to take it from there and its been going pretty well so far. I play guitar and Òisin plays bass so it was kind of a natural fit.

My influences start out with the likes of David Bowie and Kate Bush and I looked up to a lot of female singers for writing such as Mariana and the Diamonds who are a big influence for. Ye know my dad was a hippie also and my mom was into Simon and Garfunkle so we had a pretty good mixture growing up as well.

It works out that Aoibhín writes the lyrics and a chord structure and we both come in and I write the bass line we come at it from different ends and it works nicely for us.

Our music has been described as experimental pop. I don’t know if that just means we’re wierdo’s or whatever. I’d be responsible for the strangeness of the music. I would encourage Aoibhín to roll with it. I’m also really picky about how I want the song to sound, so I keep going on about playing things a certain way, I know we both have the same ideas as to what we want the song to sound like so I push for that.

For our song writting process there would be a sound that we both find interesting and we kind of roll with that. I think you could say we go for an 80’s vibe mixed with more modern indie pop sensibilities, accidentally 80’s as it wouldn’t be purposely done, you wouldn’t look at a genre and copy it purposely. Also we’re both into metal, and although we’re acoustic and no really heavy, we take a lot of our cord progressions and stylings from there, and for me I take a lot of my bass from funk and jazz. So just anything interesting really we steal from and make our own.

Our EP is released in October and its called “don’t look down”. We also went to America and filmed loads of videos, so they’re on our You Tube and the Facebook page.

All the songs are available on itunes and spotify, and we have videos for 4 out of five of them.

Outside of music I have my own show on radio na Life because I’m a fluent Irish speaker. Myself and Oisin have had a lot of experience sending our stuff to radio shows but, with a lot of the bigger shows its really difficult to get your stuff on air. So I wanted to have my own show where people could just come in have an interview, and then we’d play their tracks for them and just help them out.

For me I study maths in UCD I’m in second year so it keeps me busy and music is more sort of my hobby at the moment. A lot of what I learned in music helps with the maths and visa versa. I think its great to have an outlet for your creativity when you’re studying something more technical, I feel really happy to have that balance.

The Irish music scene is definitely improving, people like us you know we have no connections whatsoever, we just went to every open mic session possible in the Dublin area. We’ve had to travel as well, we went to Sligo for a gig, we went to Cork for a gig, you just need to put yourself out there I think if you work hard it will be rewarded. People ask me a lot where we get these gigs and the thing is there’s loads of places out there, you just call them and say “can we play”. There’s an amazing amount of sessions that we’ve played at this point, like circle sessional and stuff and they’re great. I think there’s gonna be a lot of artists coming out of these and getting onto a more of an international stage because they’re like an incubator for musicians. I also think the sessions are important because you meet other people in the same situation. You can’t really expect to just start playing gigs you need to work your way up to it. We play a lot of gigs now around Dublin now and in venues like Whelans and Fibber McGee’s, and we’ve had nothing but support since day one really so you definitely need to get out there.

Success would mean just mean being able to focus on my music and having the luxury of being able to do that. A lot of people have to work hard to make a living and they don’t have much time for that so for me that would be it. I don’t think fame would be important I don’t want to be a pop star, but just have fun with it and once you stop having fun with it there’s a problem. I think if we keep trying to do interesting things and keep writing and performing and you know becoming a little bit more well known so we could have a bigger budget and could live off it.

2017 is looking to be quite a big year but it’s kept secret so far, we’ll probably release a new single. You guys got a look at one of our new songs today and there might be a couple more in the works. Mostly we’re doing busking as well on Grafton street so if anyone sees us there give us a listen.

We’re definitely working towards full band performance and sound. Obviously we’re still doing singer songwriter stuff aswell but there’s a point where you need to go to the next level.

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