Beauty Sleep’s Story

We met at a house party one night in Belfast about a year ago. We just found each other writing really naughty words on a fridge magnet crossword, that turned into us talking about music and we found out we liked a lot of the same bands. I think we had all been talking about how we wanted to start a band at the time so the next morning it kind of felt like a magical fairytale how we just found these people and then we wanted to form a band together. Then we just started meeting up and making music.

There’s a lot of different influences within the band like, Tame Impala, but, mostly our influences are on our Spotify playlist. Me and Cheyenne were scoping out Amie’s Spotify profile and it was all just perfect and much cooler than our taste in music. It was all like Tame Impala, Mue and St.Vincent all really cool she’s a cool girl so thats our influences.

I think our best gig so far has been a show caller Murmur which was a collaboration between different bands up in Belfast. Our friend Katy who’s in a band Goldie fawn it was kind of a weird Jules Holland kind of thing up in the Mac in Belfast and it was mad there was so much going on there with dancers and visuals and costumes and stuff and it was just amazing to be a part of it.

We have an Ep coming out in about March. It’s some songs we’ve been working hard at and getting really excited about. We’ve been recording it kind of sporadically over the past few months.

We’re really lucky that Ryan’s also a producer so he does all our recording also for us. Sometimes the process is just meeting up in an evening and filling in parts that we want to do, and some days its kind of going in and kind of spending the whole day in the studio and trying to get everything done. We have a lot of freedom when we’re recording and towards the end of last year coming up to the winter time we were sort of getting music together sort of building this body of songs, I think we needed to do that anyway for playing live, but its been really exciting and it’s been really fun getting into the studio and play with the synths and everything.

We really love the Irish music scene at the minute we’ve just played Whelan’s “One to watch” which we were really lucky to be included in. We got to go and play Other Voices, so we’ve kind of got to play with a lot of really amazing bands and seen some amazing music. I think being from the north we hadn’t really got a chance to do the before in bands and everyone’s been lovely, its been really welcoming and its so different as-well like in Belfast theres lots of stuff going on there everyone we know is in a band so it seems healthy that everyones doing something and it seems to be driving towards something exciting. And, its really inspiring to see the local music scene, you go to gigs of your friends or people your own age who are just trying to make stuff happen. Its really inspiring to see the stuff that people make and its great. Everyone should just listen to loads of bands lol.

I think success to us means being in a band and being able to release music and being able to tour music and have all these cool experiences. I think you know we’d naturally be making stuff anyway as we’re all very creative musical people so its really exciting to channel it all into one thing and just throw it out there and try and connect with people and just make a whole little dream world that you can explore.