Emma Lou and the Agenda’s Story

I guess I was a bit of a loner for a while, I was making you tube video’s on my own in my bedroom and then I started writing songs and I decided I wanted to do something with these. So I met my producer Barry Murphy, who gets a shoutout in every interview, and we started working on demos for the first EP last year. He said I need a band and I said o.k. and I put up ads online or just anywhere I could.

I love anyone from Britney to Nicki Minaj to May West I’ve got a huge range of influences. Prince as well was huge for me. A bit of everybody in that kind of soul vein I guess.

As a band we’re heavily influenced by soul music, we’re big fans of Amy Winehouse so you can hear a bit of that in there. The older Motown sixties vibe is a big thing for us and add a bit of funk in there to so if you could mash them all up you would have our sound.

I’ll get an idea maybe it’ll be a lyric or maybe I’ll get a vocal, and when I get a vocal line melody and lyrics I put some really basic cords onto it and bring it to these guys and say here work with this and see what we come up with.

The best gig we’ve played so far has probably been Electric picnic. It was super cool, the people were probably really drunk but there were loads of people dancing so thats all we care about.

Our hopes for 2017 would be to do the festivals again. Electric picnic would be cool and Longitude which we also did last year. We’re gonna release an EP early on in the year so hopefully that will do well. But just to play gigs, releasing music and enjoy it and maybe get some airplay, that would be the height of it.

In our experience the Irish music scene has been really receptive to us as a new band. This has been really nice I mean we can approach venues and they’re always willing to have us which is great. Air play seems to be really hard to get for Irish acts especially if you are not on a major label. So so far our experience has been pretty positive especially with the live scene definitely.

We’re going to release our second Ep in March so we’ll see where that takes us. For this Ep we recorded it in Cauldron Studios just before Christmas and now we’re in the mixing and mastering stage so soon enough we’ll have it and be ready to roll.

If I got to just write songs every day that would be really cool for me and If we could just do what we do and be able to live off that I think that would be a lot.