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Where I Started

I probably started singing when I was about 9. I started performing gigs and stuff like that when I was around 14. I played a music festival called Glastonbury and it was really scary. It was the biggest thing of my life and it was just amazing so from then on I started doing different gigs and seeing what I could do.

My Sound

I’d say that my sound is upbeat, pop and I like to do a fun sound so definitely fun.

My Inspiration

Everything sort of inspires me in music just sort of everyday, sort of people you bump into things you see on the street sort of inspires me to write about that. and even things that go on in my own life or, my friends lives so that would inspire me to wright.

Favorite Act

My favorite act at the minute is Izzy Bizu I discovered her around last year and started listening to her and I loved her whole vibe, she’s upbeat and really funky to listen to.

When I was younger and it would have been a lot of Bob Marley and a lot of Amy wine house they’re still definitely two of my favorite acts.

The Irish Music Scene

As a whole I find the Irish music scene really good. There’s loads of new and upcoming artists coming through and it’s quite welcoming. It is different to back home in Northern Ireland because obviously it’s a lot smaller there and everyone knows everyone. Down here in Dublin it would be a lot broader.

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