The NC Grey Story

I get asked quite a lot where NC Grey comes from, NC Stands for (non- conformist). The grey part never really fitting in anywhere. Even as an adult I still don’t feel like I fit in. I used to model and I still do and agents found it hard to place me into a box you know “is she high fashion is she commercial you know” even people in general don’t quite know what box to put me in and the grey is you know what it’s o.k. to not be in that black or white box, it’s ok to be in that grey and undefined area so NC Grey.

Michelle Obama Is a big influence of mine, you know, she’s a strong powerful black woman who has really been able to defy the odds. I would want to be remembered like that.

The response to my music has been quite mixed. You know there people who are thinking, oh my god finally there’s somebody doing something different, its a breath of fresh air and then there are people who are kind of like I’m not too sure if I want to buy into this or not because, it’s not the kind of music you’re hearing on the radio. It’s very niche so I’m still getting the “you can sing yes, but I’m not too sure what my thoughts are about your music” reaction.

I would think my song writing process is unconventional. I don’t have a musical background or whatever and I can’t play anything, I can’t read music either. I don’t know what the standard is so I wouldn’t know how other people write. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right or not, I’m just doing it, I get a melody in my head, I think of words and hum it out. When I’m humming it I can already hear the harmonies, I can hear places where I think, oh, it will be nice to hear the bass in there and for most of my songs the bass is definitely what I hear. Usually I hear that bass line and I put the words on top of it. When that happens I find a friend of mine who plays the bass and I will say play this, hum it, and then that would be the backbone of the song, then I’d take it from there.

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