BNET is a global network ecosystem empowered by Edge transfer, AI and Blockchain, aiming to provide a safe, fast and reliable network.

We are publishing a series of technical-upgrade posts, named Weekly or monthly, in which, we highlight some important development that happened in the last few weeks.

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Here are some of the highlights for the July 25st through August 10th:

H Node

1. During the process of selecting a straight-through path for the R node, the H node occasionally has a link failure and cannot serve for other R nodes.

After the bug is modified, the fault tolerance of the H node is greatly improved, and the scalability and efficiency are improved.

2. When selecting the path, H nodes sometimes made wrong judgement of the status of R nodes.

After the modification, no service will be provided for the node that has exited the service, which realizes a more precise management.

T Node

1. T nodes obtain parameters from the network to implement the function that multi-person can simultaneously break internet barriers.

2. Add saving parameter-information locally function to T nodes.

Functions: WALLETID, HNODEIP, DefaultNodeId, HNODE port, DNS, Lanip, Lanmask and so on.

3. The timer function is added to T nodes. Therefore, T nodes will keep login until the REGISTER ACK is received.

4. Improve the automatically re-login function when the H node doesn’t login.

R Node

1. In order to adapt to the Windows Beta version, modify the open VPN to implement the TUN mode. Realize normal reading, writing and data transmission and reception of network cards.

2. Fix the size of the Linux stack memory.

3. Modify the R node and Android version to zero padding mode.

4. Comply with the H-node’s optimized redundant link process to achieve faster response to other link requests.