Hello Ivan,
Sachin Sontakke


That’s strange, I’ve just re-run the provisioning and all seems fine (unfortunately I do not have a Windows machine, so I’m testing with macOS).

The problem seems to be that the folder demo/mib/dashboards on your host machine is not mounted to the VM (mount point should be ~/dashboards/`.

You can import the dashboards manually. You need to do the following:

  • Open Grafana (http://localhost:3000), login using the default credentials (`admin:admin`) and click on the Dashboards dropdown
  • Click on the Import button, and select Upload .json file
  • Navigate to the mozzle/demo/mib/dashboards folder on your Windows machine and select each .json file.

As for the data source — is it possible that some other process is bind-ed to localhost:8086 on your Windows machine? The provisioned VM will need to use the following TCP ports on your Windows machine:

  • 3000 — for accessing Grafana UI
  • 8086 — needed by Grafana to query InfluxDB
  • 5555 — for sending events to Riemann

Hope that helps!