Talia, I’m sorry there are so many unsupportive garbage-person comments on your post.
Rebecca Searles

I’ve been through much, much worse and lived not to whinge about it. I’ve worked more than one job most of my life, after having gone to grad school and doing all the stuff one ought to do, and still ended up homeless for awhile, with children. But it was clear to me that no one wanted to hear about my bad fortune. Bucking up and shutting up about my own problems strengthened me and actually forced me to focus on others.

People like Rebecca are why Taliajane (sp) is suffering so. No one seemed to have shared with her that when everyone goes to college, those diplomas are worth less, esp. in majors that are ones “passion.” No one has told her that she has to think through the practical issues in life: if you want to live alone in the Bay Area, you’re going to need to work three jobs, and so on.

Allowing your fellow citizen to feel entitled without calling them out on it is not a kindness. It is a cruelty.

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