We Should Call Brocialism What It Is — White Populism
Marcus H. Johnson

Fascinating article, how all of the many ways Clinton has rightfully been criticized by actual leftists, for being a capitalist, neoconservative warhawk with several scandals under her belt, as being nothing more than supposed “brocialism”. Ignoring that some supported Sanders because he was the one who actually wanted universal healthcare, not corporate-healthcare. I suppose it’s an essential female/non-white issue to maintain partial, corporate healthcare for the US. I’ve actually noticed most of Clinton’s die-hard supporters know little of her major positions or past actions and their global implications (and death tolls)…

Not to mention:
Hillary supporting TPP, 45 times

Hillary laughing describing the unlawful lynching of an African leader (Qaddafi) she played a part in murdering (and thousands in the country she helped destabilize)

Meddling violently in 2 countries

Leading to amazing mental gymnastics for the anti-sanders, anti-left, identity-only crowd. Apologizing and justifying all her neoconservative and rightward policy positions on the basis a woman did them. Frightening to wonder how many of you would have been on board with Bush had he been not white, or a woman.

A good, and very damning summery of it all, to give you some uncomfortable cognitive dissonance about trying to reconcile gender/race issues with a neoconservative candidate:


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