Novice Overboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well you couldn’t make this up!

Pootling home last night ecstatic that I had avoided all contact with the many tractors that come hurtling down the road, when I got caught up in a Wild Boar/Pig Capture. Exciting stuff I know! Only after it had decided to trundle along in the middle of the road in front of me for a good 5 minutes(I did wonder whether it was carrying a red flag) it saw something good to eat in the hedgerow and made a lighting speed retreat in the other direction, it was being hotly pursued by a man with good intentions but probably all the wrong clothes on for a major pig capture! Sorry to say but when I got home to discover what was smelling so good, B announced proudly Pork Cassoult with Streaky Bacon and broccoli HMMmmmm maybe just a piece of toast.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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