the dreaded event loop…

Philip Roberts: What the heck is the event loop anyway? | JSConf EU 2014

Excellent breakdown and explanation of the operation of the single stack and how asynch loop and concurrency is enabled by the use of the event loop, and how webapis, the task queue, set time-backs and the render queue all come together to overcome the block.

Peter demonstrated the whole process with the use of very simple functions to illustrate his point.

It was a good feeling to recognize how the concepts we had covered in class were used not only as examples — but for the production of the entire website. Now I need to find a video that will explain how time-

based functions are affected by all the different swapping around from stack to queue — or is that what shitty code is?

An interesting take home from this video was see how truly mechanical the if/else and logic tables truly are and these could

be represented outside of the computer recalling to mind the Antikythera Mechanism and highlighting how truly advanced pre-historic societies had been in antiquity.

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