Bernie Sanders Is The Biggest Loser
Oliver Chinyere

Wrong and I was sitting in the front row with my echo chamber switched off. If this is about unifying against Trump then Bernie has better chances to get out the young voters and real middle class to do that. He started the revolution against big money and that is why he was not our candidate.

The news cycle to shows how the election is framed in the media for all Americans to believe and follow and then you see the real reason HRC was anointed the nomination and way to early.

If corporations cant build their case for what the White House and Congress will push for during the elected administration, they wont wager a cent. But they know they can control both sides of the aisle with their wager of approximately 55%–45% on either side and in the end they win.

Corporate America and Trump knew this.

The DNC with their head in the sand still because they are covering up their losses. Their reasons for losing dont mention Bernie because it ain’t true.

Recent media reports shows the DNC’s still licking their wounds of the admittedly blind and dumb nominee selection and now blame Russian influence? Really lets be honest they picked a flawed candidate who couldn’t win. The DNC even knew early on like the GOP what the electorate sentiment was and it was spelled out by Bernie and then Trump that the game was “rigged.”

So in my mind the DNC is playing the sore loser right now? If the DNC didn’t dismiss the populous uprising to old fashioned politics or bad metrics, the Democrats would have won the entire WH and Congress. Sealed and Delivered!