Why You Can’t Understand Bitcoin

Bravo Beautyon!

Your informative post brings a lot of clarity to us non-cryptographers who are exploring the feasibility of applying the decentralizing and constructively disruptive potential of blockchain technology to the institutionally-centric healthcare industry as the era of participatory medicine and value-based reimbursement finally emerges in the United States.

The prospect of the ‘disappearance of statism’ reminded me of the spirit and conviction expressed by Molinari, Bastiat and Castille about an earlier, non-digital revolution in the first issue of their short-lived magazine, La Republique Francaise. “A Few Words about the Title of our Journal” was published in David M. Hart’s Reflections on Liberty and Power blog here: http://www.davidmhart.com/blog/index.html

Based on a quick reading of your body of work on Medium since 2013, you may be interested in spending some time viewing these six links which contrast the winning ideas producing the ‘Great Enrichment’ since 1800 with the massively destructive ideas behind the twentieth century’s two World Wars: