Amelia Knows How to Stop Bullying

Bob Fiori
Bob Fiori
Oct 2, 2017 · 3 min read

Online tips are available to teachers during October’s National Bullying Prevention Month

In support of Bullying Prevention Month, Amelia teaches students in K-8 how to keep their schools bully free. Amelia is one of 6 relatable characters developed over decades of research and efficacy. Each character is highly researched and evidenced backed and helps thousands of teachers impart social emotional learning and character foundation skills. During October, Amelia is the champion character. “She is a teacher’s best friend and tool in supporting Anti-Bullying”, said Linsey Covert one of the drivers behind a growing cloud based, integrated coursework (TEAMology) that builds stronger, more resilient students.

Amelia is one of 6 characters that help teachers build character and SEL foundations that can last a lifetime

What gives Amelia her street cred? Well, let’s hear from Amelia herself. “It is ok if students don’t always agree with each other or even like each other. They just need to learn how to celebrate differences, always be respectful and productively cooperate on a TEAM. When you help students build a TEAM culture, there will be no room for bullies”.

Dr. JoLynn Carney, Penn State University College of Education researcher, joined in the research and development of Project TEAM. “What we always suspected was that creating a positive environment by empowering the students with strong prosocial attitudes and skills would help with bullying problems, other disciplinary issues, and provide a more productive environment for learning and growing. We now have the data that applying this approach with fidelity actually works”.

Jenna St. Mars from Rostraver Elementary School in Belle Vernon, Pa has been utilizing Project TEAM in her school since the 2016–2017 school year. “The kids are really being in the house here at RES and their behavior has been fabulous since the start of the school year. We tie Amelia into our Anti-Bullying month activities very heavily. We weave her into all aspects of Bullying Prevention month as she represents inclusion and the respect for others and their differences that we want our students to emulate”, says Jenna.

Jen Lowe from Stafford Township SD has been using the material for over 6 years. “I can tell you it is worthwhile. Bullying is basically gone, and I have a better handle on my students emotions and how to handle them. It’s techniques we weren’t taught in school”, said Jen.

During October, TEAMology is offering tips on how to use Amelia to help students understand the value of peace, harmony and acceptance and also to give students strategies to use if faced with a bullying situation. Follow TEAMology on FaceBook (TEAMology) and Twitter (@weareteamology) where all month long, Amelia will be featured along with easy to use activities and ideas for promoting Anti-Bullying.

About TEAMology: TEAMology is a culmination of decades of research and side-by-side teaching with the most renowned experts in SEL. The material uses 6 relatable characters and the foundations of a house called Project TEAM which teachers and  students use to emulate best SEL skills and relate them to Future Ready Indexes such as career exploration practices.

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