Yes, you’re a racist… and a traitor.
John E. Price

You are moron,a racist,a white guilting fool, and poorly educated asshole. It isn’t treason to raise arms against a government you feel is trampling your rights. Treason is aiding foreign power to overthrow your government as here government comes from consent of the governed which the southern states withdrew.

Everyday feral blacks kill and injure whites in horrendous crimes and you worry because a guy flies a flag? You are a sickening example of the perversion of thought on the left. Instead of blaming others for the murder of 9 innocent people you should do as you do for black crime and look for the root cause as you claim with poverty in the case of feral thugs. The root cause here is the underreported, often excused violence that is endlessly committed by blacks on whites. It is time Black America examines the excess of bigotry and violence they have towards whites or we will see more blowback against innocent people just for their skin color.

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