The other major challenge is sociocultural, which has a number of facets including (1) norms that block girls’ access (physical, social and economic) to education and technology — including specificity in target audience) and (2) low/no digital literacy among these target users. We will focus on the technological/UX aspects of those issues, though with clear consideration to the sociocultural approaches (Mitra, 2010).
Internet Solutions for Girls’ Education in Indian Slums
Hannah Rosenfeld

Ok. So this is the second set of challenges in the project. Good job narrowing this down to address two specific types of issues blocking girls access to the internet — cost and social norms.

I’m skeptical that you can make good progress on both fronts in the short time you have, so I would encourage you to emphasize one of these two, keeping the second one in mind as you do so. Along those lines you could, for example, focus on reducing costs while understanding the context of these girls lives, or you could focus on removing the social barriers while cognizant of not raising costs. Given the difficulty and subtlety of the latter option, I’d encourage you to focus on cost reduction as your primary target. The latter one is just too hard to do without really embedding yourselves in the social milieu that you are trying to change.

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