In summary, the key requirement for all UXs in this venture with be keeping the self-organized groups on the “edge of chaos”: both by enabling learners to balance there and empowering facilitators to course correct. Based on current research, this will require (1) appropriate “Big Questions” that spark curiosity, (2) matching content organized in research-supported ways, (3) a learner UX that enables dynamic groups of approximately 4 on one device, and (4) extensive (but largely documented) support for facilitators.
Internet Solutions for Girls’ Education in Indian Slums
Hannah Rosenfeld

So now I’m a bit confused. Are you planning to do a project to implement Mitra’s self-organized learning concepts with specific devices in Indian slums? Earlier it sounded like you were focusing on other barriers to internet access (primarily cost and social restrictions). Now it sounds like you’re planning to make devices to deliver a specific pedagogy.

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