Bob Newbie
Feb 10, 2016 · 1 min read

I do. “ For the period 1950 to 2009, if you adjust the S&P 500 for inflation and account for dividends, the average annual return comes out to exactly 7.0%.”

I made 14% off my investments last year, usually make at least 7%. If we’re being honest, in 2016 I am down so far(Nothing too bad), if you follow the stock market it has been a rough start to 2016.

You have good years and bad years but if you’re smart.. you can make at least 7%.

BUT, not everyone is that financially inclined. Still though, i’m sure someone without any knowledge can do enough research to find an ETF with little cost and make minimum 5–6%(Average is much higher since inception of ETF’s)

For people that don’t know how to save, or just choose not to? Buying a house is the best investment they can make. If you know how to save, and properly invest… you can do well.

I just wanted to show both sides of things.