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Bernie Sanders latest shtick, and that of his minions, is to demand that Hillary RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPTS! of the speeches she’s been paid millions of dollars to give over the past few years, since she left being the Secretary of State.

Three things. First, no Presidential candidate has EVER been asked for such transcripts — EVER! ( Double standard, anyone?) Second, most of her opponents, are just like Bernie, in that they are career politicians who are not ALLOWED to do paid speeches, as part of their positions. HER speeches occurred at times when she wasn’t an elected official. Bottom line? This should NOT even be an issue, as it’s tantamount to Bernie’s version of BENGHAZI! He should be embarrassed to be trying to make this into an issue.

Lastly, as a Realtor, I can go to at least 3 different R.E. conventions, every year. ( Company, California, and National.) Both the State and National conventions have at least one keynote speaker — like Hillary — most of whom are paid outrageous figures to speak in front of us for less than an hour, designed — like the video speech linked below — to be “inspirational”, or sometimes informative.

The speakers are in DEMAND, as there are countless such conventions going on, throughout the year, each clamoring for top notch speakers to impress the attendees. Those are the kind of speeches Hillary has given, nothing controversial, or ohhhh, mysterious, like Bernie is now embarrassing himself to try to make an issue of.

I realize that the fact that he’s looking at SUBSTANTIAL losses over the next few weeks, but his desperation is only going to make him sink faster than he already is.

Here’s a speech Hillary gave to Goldman Sachs:


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