On May 7, First Lady Melania Trump unveiled an initiative from the Rose Garden called Be Best.

The main plank of the Be Best campaign is to speak out against cyberbullying by encouraging values such as kindness and respect for the nation’s youth.

On the initiative’s website, the first lady…

Rev. Patrick J. Conroy was reinstated on May 3rd as House Chaplain after rescinding his coerced resignation.

Controversy emerged in the House after House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) chief of staff, Jonathan Burks, demanded the resignation of Conroy. And it wasn’t until roughly two weeks after Conroy tendered his resignation on April 15 that it became publicly known.

Why did Ryan dismiss Conroy? Speaker Ryan cited a lack of pastoral services for his decision, but reportedly the decision reflected animus against some of the chaplain’s espoused principles pertaining to policy, specifically the GOP tax plan.

Conroy advocated that lawmakers ensure that “there are not winners and losers,” but rather “benefits balances and shared by all Americans.”

Since Conroy’s resignation had been accepted and placed in the House record, Conroy had to be re-sworn in by Ryan.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, 58, became the 17th President of Cuba on April 19, succeeding Raúl Castro and becoming the first non-Castro Cuban president since 1976.

Castro, 86, was president for just over 10 years and his brother, Fidel Castro, for over 31 years.

Raúl Castro’s presidency will be remembered most for…

Mike Pompeo, former representative (R-KS), most recently Director of the CIA, was confirmed as the 70th U.S. Secretary of State on April 26 by a 57–42 Senate vote.

Pompeo succeeds former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson in the position after President Donald Trump dismissed Tillerson via Twitter on March 13, concurrently announcing his nomination of Pompeo.

Five Democratic Senators facing tough 2018 re-elections in states won by the president — Joe Donnelly (IN), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV), Claire McCaskill (WV) and Bill Nelson (FL) — voted ‘yes’ on Pompeo’s confirmation. Recently elected Alabama Democrat Doug Jones also voted in favor.

Prior to his confirmation, Pompeo had been working behind the scenes to advance the June Singapore summit between Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump nominated Deputy Director of the CIA Gina Haspel to succeed Pompeo.

Bill Cosby was found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault at a retrial in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on April 26. Last year, Cosby’s first trial was declared a mistrial after a jury failed to reach a verdict.

Multiple accusers, testifying as ‘prior bad acts’ witnesses, alleged at…

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted their first state dinner on April 24, welcoming French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron.

The dinner was held in the State Dining Room with roughly 130 guests. Melania personally oversaw the planning of the elaborate affair.

Among the…

A shooting at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, killed four people on April 22.

The shooter, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, was disarmed when an unarmed man rushed him and wrestled away the weapon.

That man, James Shaw Jr., 29, has been hailed as a hero for likely saving the lives of many others. “I figured if I was going to die, he was going to have to work for it,” he said.

Shaw (pictured) set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the victims. It raised over $225,000.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush died on April 17 at the age of 92.

Originally from the Flushing neighborhood of Queens in New York City, Barbara Pierce met then-naval officer, future 41st president, George Herbert Walker Bush in 1941 at a Christmas dance in Greenwich, Connecticut. …

Former FBI Director James Comey released his book A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership on April 17, two weeks ahead of the original release date.

Comey was of course fired by President Donald Trump in May 2017. Originally the White House suggested the dismissal was due to Comey’s improper…

Two African-American men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 12.

The two men, Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson, entered the coffee shop and asked to use the bathroom. After being told the bathrooms were for reserved for paying customers, they sat down at a table to…

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