I came across a question on Quora recently–“Converstion Optimization: What is the best strategy for turning website visitors into leads?

It’s a great question, but I thought the answers were pretty underwhelming:

  • Use videos, webinars, books, and online courses.
  • Take an online marketing course from Alison, Udemy, or Coursera.
  • The best strategy depends on the business and product. Even the writer admits this is obvious.

The best answer was to understand what potential customers wants…

Big Data is all the rage these days and one can easily find many articles about businesses gaining some advantage or other by analyzing their data. Can we use a similar approach to understand who has the best answers in marketing?

Yes! Follow the Top 15 Master Marketers and you shall learn much, young padawan.

What are Marketing Master Profiles?

Simply put, they’re your guide to the world’s best marketers. I found them through extensive research. I do my research by compiling analytics about as many marketers as I can. I keep broad data series on all of them. …

You’ve just launched a new blog or other website and you’re wondering what it’s going to take to get some traffic. The answer is simple:


Don’t wait for traffic to discover you because it may never happen. You’ve got to go where the traffic is and try to divert some of it to your little slice of the Internet. They’re just not going to show up accidentally.

Once you have your first few articles together to create a site worth visiting, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start spending more time promoting your content than creating new content.

Do Small Business Failure Stories Get You Down?

Serendipity, Venture Capital, and Do Only the Paranoid Survive?

Sometimes my blog posts are motivated entirely by serendipity, and this morning that’s exactly what happened with this post. I read a couple of small business failure stories, and they didn’t get me down at all. They made me want to respond.

I was scanning my rss feeds to see if anything interesting had popped up. First small business failure story that caught my attention was all about whether being extremely paranoid was helpful in business.

Perhaps you remember Andy Grove’s celebrated quote, “Only the paranoid survives.” The article concludes that while a fair dose of paranoia helped to win…

Most Facebook Groups and other online communities put guidelines in place and use moderators to ensure the community is a healthy place. Effective Facebook Group Moderation adds value in the following ways:

  • It makes it more likely participants will help achieve the intended goals for the group if they know what’s expected of them. For example, if they’re all part of an online…

Early in the history of any new business comes the naming decision. You’ll need a name as soon as you create a website or blog. Naming a new business is something many entrepreneurs obsess over.

They’re right–the business name is important. You want to choose a name that will be good forever. Changing names is a messy business that’s expensive and fraught with peril.

I remember the first time I named my business. I was fresh out of college and needed to raise venture capital. We needed a name before we could call on the investors. …

100 Days of Productivity? What would you say if you could guarantee your next 100 days would be super productive for your business because you used a simple goal setting worksheet to decide what to do during those 100 Days?

What if you were sure you could get everything done within the time frame?

What if you knew exactly how to stay organized and focused on your goals during your 100 days of productivity so that your productivity was multiplied to higher levels?

That’s exactly the sort of thing I needed to achieve when I first started my entrepreneurial career…

Are you the cow or the rancher?

What if you went to sleep one night, secure in the knowledge you’re a successful rancher, only to wake up the next morning realizing you’re just a cow on somebody else’s ranch?

That would be a very shocking realization on all kinds of levels, yet it happens all the time in the wild wild west world of Web Services.

What do I mean by Web Services?

It’s an intentionally vague term that applies to all sorts of things:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and a whole host of other social…

Find your Audience first…

Many Entrepreneurs identify too much with their product or idea. They want to go from a product idea to a plan for success. But that’s not the best way and if you insist on following that approach, it can often lead into a long blind alley.

Here’s a question I saw on Quora recently:

I want to be an entrepreneur but I have no idea what business to start.

The answers were all about going for it with whatever product or service was easy to hand:

This article originally appeared on my small business blog, bobwarfield.com.

Desperate to find marketing help for your small business? I don’t blame you. It’s really tough to do. Almost impossible, in fact.

Your choices are not happy ones:

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