Day In & Day Out — Legitimate Value

Legitimate Value — Day In and Day Out

Doing the Best one can do on a given day is all one can be asked. By doing the Best you provide the greatest value you possibly can to others and yourself.

What do I mean by this? When one goes about starting and finishing their day with the intention of doing everything in their personal and business tool box to be the best there is hardly ever a losing party.

Intending to do the best means that you are bringing every ounce of knowledge, skill, experience and will to the table. You are telling your dance partner that you are on point and it’s time to cut a rug.

By intending to do the best each and every day there is no room for cutting corners or providing inferior results to the the client, the world or yourself.

The Best as defined by Merriam-Webster — Excelling All Others; Most Productive of Good: Offering or Producing the Greatest Advantage, Utility or Satisfaction

Does the definition of “Best” describe your day today? Yesterday? Last week?

Does the definition describe how you intended to start the day today? How about tomorrow?

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