If This Tweet Bothers You, It’s Because You’re A Piece Of Shit
Caitlin Johnstone

Some of the respondents here are missing two key points. (1) Some people are confused about who the neocons are. It’s not just the Republican establishment. It’s also the Democratic establishment. It’s the whole Washington establishment. The D’s might prefer the term “liberal interventionist,” but that’s only because they spent years criticizing the neocons when the R’s held the White House. A liberal interventionist IS a neocon. Period. There is no difference. (2) Caitlin’s rhetoric would be a bit strong if she were trying to bridge a difference of opinion with those who have completely bought in with the neoliberal neocon agenda. She’s not. They cannot be reasoned with. They are absolutely convinced that “Russia hacked the election” is a proven fact (it’s not), Russia is the Big Bad (it’s not), and Vladimir Putin is the personification of evil (he’s not). They are completely sold on the new cold war and the new nuclear arms race. They have completely absorbed state media propaganda on these matters and anything else the neoliberal neocons of the Washington establishment deem important, such as the absolute necessity of destroying Syria (in order to, you know, “save the children of Syria” or whatever). They cannot be reasoned with. But they must be defeated. Or humanity’s future is in peril. The people whose thinking is programmed by state media (Rachel Maddow, et al) are and will remain oblivious to that.

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