Lefties Need To Stop Being Shy About Working With The Anti-Establishment Right
Caitlin Johnstone

Well put, Caitlin, and you are absolutely right. Both in the need to be willing to collaborate with libertarians and conservatives towards the common goal of exposing the lies of the deep state and its mass media mouthpieces, and in acknowledging there may be limits to such collaboration. I don’t know who Richard B. Spencer is, but you were right to set the limits that are proper for you. I can work with any libertarian, even old-fashioned small government conservatives, but for me the alt-right is usually a bridge too far, even though we may agree about the Washington establishment. I’ve noticed quite a few progressive voices that can be heard on TV now only on Fox. People like Glenn Greenwald, Ralph Nader, and Dennis Kucinich.

Right now, the “enemy” is not the Democrats, or the Republicans, or Fox, or MSNBC. The “enemy” is the whole Washington establishment — D’s and R’s both — and the whole corporate mass media. The enemy, in other words, is neoliberalism and neoconservatism. To fight them, we must build alliances just about anywhere we can.

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