Why Does The Left Attack Itself? Generations Of Government Psyops.
Caitlin Johnstone

You are so very right, Caitlin. Infighting on the left is a critical weakness. And it is no doubt exacerbated by the ongoing infiltration of provocateurs. There is no clear answer to this dilemma. Too many are convinced they are right to attack, demean, and smear those on the left with whom they disagree. The attacks on you, for example, and this crass attack on Diana Johnstone, and many others.

I like Diana Johnstone’s article, “Antifa in Theory and in Practice,” which I guess marks me as someone to be vilified by the antifa left. I’ve already had my fill of trying to reason with those folks.

Your biggest insight, Caitlin, was to recognize that the key to changing all of this is to break through the false narrative the mass media’s propaganda creates. Unless and until we can do that, we — “we” being anyone who disagrees with the neoliberal neocon consensus of the Washington establishment — stand no chance of bringing about meaningful change. That is why we must keep banging away at the corporate mass media and the false reality they create. And keep banging away. It’s really the only chance we have. And in this age of global internet communication, it is possible — however unlikely — that we will finally begin to break through the false reality they create.

Hang in there and keep banging away.