Socialism is a movement of the Enlightenment, it is based on historical materialism.
rufus magister

You need a dictionary. Astrology is not a form of obscurantism, religious or otherwise. Obscurantism is being practiced by our government and the corporate mass media, which is now little more than a propaganda machine.

Seth Rich was murdered for the same reason the government is still holding onto his computer more than a year later. Their cover-up — including dispatching Brad Bauman to manage the Rich family and the media — includes discrediting anyone who dares suggest this was not a robbery gone wrong while at the same time keeping the relevant facts out of the media so people who only believe what the mass media tells them to believe swallow everything Brad Bauman says.

Caitlin also wrote a highly-regarded fantasy novel. I anticipate people like you accusing her of actually believing in elves and unicorns.

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