Start your business using Search Marketing

As you know, starting a business from scratch is not easy. If it was, everyone with a dream would start a business and watch it succeed. But sadly, this is not the case. This article on Forbes written by Neil Patel breaks it down really nicely. He reckons 90% of startups fail, and a mere 10% succeed. That’s a scary statistic, and its sad to think that such a large portion of entrepreneurs with a dream don’t get to enjoy the long term benefits of their initial vision to create an income to sustain their families.

The problem is… most entrepreneurs don’t quite understand the value of Search Marketing. If they did, I have no doubt in my mind that the percentage ratio as Neil breaks down in his article would shift for the better. The principal of push verse pull marketing is a real thing, and there has never been a better marketing strategy to pull off that dream. Let me explain.

Push Marketing: In years gone by, you’d start a business and then you’d either cold call, tell your friends or advertise in print media and hope that those who see or hear your message/advert would be interested in your product.

Pull Marketing: You put your product/service right in front of people in the very moment they’re looking for a solution. While looking, they see your offering, which naturally increases your chances of converting that lead into a sale.

You see, the principles differ substantially. What it all comes down to now, is that your cost of sale + cost of product + cost of delivery is less than the profit you make per sale. People want your product/service, so your profit per sale needs to outweigh your cost, and you have a business. A great example of this strategy is Spit Braai Delivery, a Spit Braai Catering Company in Cape Town that started with a shoestring budget. You can read their full story here. But in a nutshell; idea + website + short term search marketing campaign — all within 24 hours, and leads started coming through immediately. 4 years later, and the business continues to thrive now that the long term strategy (organic search) has taken shape. You see, from a short term strategy point of view when kick starting the business — if 30 clicks cost R300, and a deal is closed every 30 clicks… you work the number if the average profit per sale varies between R2500 & R6000. If you’re using an agency, that cost also needs to be taken into account. Bottom line is that with a well constructed targeted campaign, winning with your startup becomes are far more viable option than it did 10 years ago.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, I urge you to look at search marketing as your primary lead generating source as the outset, then look to expand as your business grows and you build that brand. Of course, you could do it yourself, but chances are that you’d be better of focusing on the operational side of your business and servicing those leads, or alternatively, you could look to enroll the services of companies like Just Do Digital, an PPC & Search Engine Optimisation Agency in Cape Town. They offer a Campaign driven product for SME’s with both short & long term strategies to drive leads to your business.

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