Como comecei uma empresa horizontal
Gustavo Tanaka

Gustavo, another wonderful read. I tried to do this a couple of years ago when I decided to become an entrepreneur. I reached out to people I trusted and proposed a co-op set up rather than a percentage. Everybody would win insofar, everybody pitched in with the workload. It didn’t work, maybe it was a cultural thing, but Mexicans want to free ride. Get all the profit without putting down any work.

I tied it a second time with a different approach, I gave away a big chunk of the equity (at least the promise of) in order to have a commited partner. He was enthusiatic at the beginning, but he couldn’t commit enough time because he was caught up in something else with the promise of quicker returns. Thus, strike two.

But, I’ll keep trying. Your article gives hope on how to get good people in. Anoher perspective to try.

Muito obrigado

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