3 Ways Links Affect Your Online Rankings

Links are considered an important aspect of ranking one’s website. However, in today’s landscape, there have been many debates from marketers and SEO professionals about links not holding the same value as it was before. Links don’t define your rankings and will never be. You can build all relevant links possible and still not rank well. This is because ranking is not a matter
of who have the most or best links. Having said that, it doesn’t negate the fact that link building still plays a huge role in ranking your site, and so, let us look at the three ways links can influence your online rankings.

Validating Links

There are some links that work best at bringing crawlers to your site. If you have a lot of this kind of links, your website can be verified as trustworthy and of good reputation. Because Google has created two link graphs, one that rejects pages that are considered spams and one that accepts pages that are non-spam. This scenario gives rise to the need of gathering links from the
reputable sites in order to be measured for ranking. This is where Reduced Link Graph comes into play. It is a graph that includes pages on the internet excluding those who have bad reputations. This particular map is only meant for sites that matter. You must gather links from high-quality sites that are associated with top relevant pages because these are the kind of links
that will help your rankings, otherwise, you will be excluded from the reduced link graph.

Links that help rank a website

If you take into account the scenario of reduced link graph, you can now begin to understand that there are links that will help a site rank and there are those that will help you get crawlers — or what we refer as validating links — and be considered for ranking. Lastly, there are also those links that don’t help at all. There is also what we call as the authority sites, the sites that are considered high quality and that obtaining links from those sites can contribute to a site’s
rankings. However, Google is not confirming such authority metric theory. Now, let’s take out the authority metric and follow Google’s claim that such metric does not exist. The main point here is that news sites and sites with many links don’t really influence rankings. In fact, several sites have already come forward and spoke of links doing nothing in ranking their sites.

Links do not determine a site’s rankings

The third and last way links affect rankings is that they do not affect rankings. As long as your websites could satisfy your customers and visitors, then Google will compensate you in a good way. The main focus here is that Google considers what most users think as more important than the individual user, meaning whatever most users expect a certain web page is about is what will
be deemed as the most relevant and most high-ranking.