I’m all for challenging politicians on their stances and past policies.
Marcus H. Johnson

I am an outsider, a 61 year old male Canadian that has lived all over the world. You have many good points and I truly appreciate the civilized level of the discussion, really.

I wanted to give the perspective of a citizen of what I would say is the least racist country in the world, Canada. I don’t mean we are not racist in some ways (only human) but it does not prevent us from being equal opportunity and being a fair and integrated society. All humans are racists in a way, we have a built in tribalism, (used to bike there all the time) but it all depends to what degree and to how much empathy one can develop towards someone not of one’s race. Vermont is a bit like Canada in many ways. In the seventies, there were very few blacks. Slowly but surely the numbers increased and I don’t have the stats, but I am sure in Vermont they migrated from the south. On the other hand, blacks in Canada have either been around a long time (30,000 escaped to Canada on the underground railroad (Wiki)) but most are from Africa, Europe, Jamaica, Haiti etc. There is not a long standing white vs black racist and exploitative divide in Canada. The new black immigrants start with a clean slate and it mostly works well. Where blacks immigrate from, it is mostly the blacks exploiting the blacks. What also helps their integration is white Canadians have not been brainwashed to think that blacks are all low life criminals that used to be slaves. Their just a different race. The culture can be quite different and can lead to some friction but that’s normal when mixing any human tribes. Why I am saying all this is that often, white people that don’t have a negative history with blacks can be a lot less racist and capable of empathy because they have not been brought up from birth in a red neck southern state that still wants to fly the confederate flag. Sorry to be so blunt. http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/20/flashback-as-governor-bill-clinton-honored-confederacy-on-arkansas-flag/

Hillary Clinton’s history is one of complete deception. She is as white southern privilege as it gets and they are not known for their love of black equality. Despite the rhetoric one CANNOT ignore how much money she gets from the prison lobby or the dire impact of welfare and 3 strike laws on the black community. Blacks have been just as suckered in by Hillary on black matters as whites have been on Wall Street matters. Also, if you think that Wall street hasn’t impacted black lives you are sorely mistaken. They cause the housing collapse which destroyed the assets of blacks which are their houses, by your own admission. Guess who deregulated Wall Street?

In 50 years of political history, on can parse Bernie’s every move and find some fault, of course. But look at the bigger picture. He is a man with a heart, he has shown it over and over again. I would trust him if I were you.

Sincerely, a man who cares about the next leader of the free world.

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