The Premier IPC 610 Class By BEST Inc

IPC 610 class is based on the most widely used standard IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies which is published by the IPC. The IPC 610 class provide certification program with multiple language versions which have an international reputation as the source for end product acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability printed wiring assemblies. In order to be certified in IPC-A-610 as a trainer, IPC 610 training through a certified training centre is required for instructors and specialist. This program provides both instructors and professionals with the qualification that represents their understanding of the IPC A-610, the industry’s transcendent worthiness criteria report. As, the IPC 610 Class standard is the QA and visual acceptance standard for populated PCBs.

In order for there to be a great likelihood of passing IPC 610 Class exam, your IPC 610 training should take place utilizing a competent master instructor. IPC 610 class incorporates training, certification and instructional materials in the light of the IPC-A-610 standards.

IPC 610 Class is divided into two advance level certification classes:

IPC 610 class for Instructors (CIT)

IPC 610 class for Specialist (CIS)

The IPC 610 class for instructor training program is a 4 day long course which is technically accurate and very comprehensive program in which certified IPC trainers are provided with high-quality materials for training IPC-A-610 application specialists within the organization.

IPC 610 class for specialist is a 3-day program, which addresses straightforwardly modules utilizing the content and pictures in the IPC-A-610 inspection report to give visual acknowledge/dismiss criteria cases for every one of the three classes of products.

The IPC 610 class can be held in a variety of venues. BEST offers these classes onsite at a customer location, at a BEST training centre (Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Huntsville and Tennessee), or even at remote location with the help of industries only Mobile Training Centre (MTC). Our all remote training centres are equipped with advanced electronic instruments and other facilities like projector and whiteboard for taking classes in the user-friendly environment.

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