Women Lifting Weights

Women Lifting Weights…
we simply can’t build “BIG” muscles naturally.

During workouts, women lifting weights have experienced faster body fat loss, a decrease in overall inches, and a decrease in developing Osteoporosis.

Ladies, have you ever looked at your belly or at your behind in the mirror and thought to yourself, “I want to lose weight — body fat — right there?”

Have you made these comments before?

  • “I don’t want to workout with weights because I don’t want to build huge muscles.”
  • “I’m just sticking with aerobics and sit-ups to lose weight because if I begin lifting weights, I will look like a body builder or like a man.”
  • “I’m going to hit the gym every day just to sweat off this extra weight!”

LOOK, if you have ever uttered these words, you are missing out on many great benefits that women lifting weights experience.

Peddling away on a stationary bike, stepping away on an elliptical machine and continuously doing 100’s of crunches alone in the hopes of seeing a flatter stomach and a toned behind is not the solution to body fat reduction and weight loss.

Get rid of your fear that using weights you will build huge muscles.

Unless you are taking special supplementation, are on a very strict diet, and following a specially designed training program, you will NOT look like a bodybuilder. BTW, did you know that some ladies who bodybuild (and even some men) may be taking steroids which are obviously harmful, so please, NEVER EVER touch steroids to build muscles!

“But what if I use weights, during every workout, will that not make me build up huge muscles?”


As women, we simply do not have enough of testosterone — a male hormone that encourages muscles to grow. In fact, women on average have 10–30- times less testosterone than men.

If YOU believe the myth that women lifting weight during their workouts will build big muscles you are missing out on all of the benefits.

  • Your body will continue to burn body fat 24–48-hrs. after your workout.
  • Chances of you developing certain diseases like Osteoporosis (see below), are decreased.
  • See your body become toned.
  • You’ll experience faster weight loss.
  • Gaining muscle burns body fat faster and more efficiently.
  • You will feel sexier, look healthier, and get your libido

BTW, it’s very important that I let you know because I don’t want you to be alarmed when you step on your scale, your weight will increase since your muscles weigh more than fat. That’s why it’s so important to record your measurements on a chart before you begin your new exercise programs, and then again every 4-weeks.

As your muscle tissue increase, the numbers on your weight scale will also increase however, your body fat will be reduced, giving you a well toned sexy body. Is this something you’ve been wanting for a long time…

  • A trim & toned body?
  • A smaller waist size?
  • Bat wings that no longer exist?
  • A muffin top that’s shrunk away?
  • and a smaller clothing size?

Women lifting weights know that muscle burns calories naturally even when you are sleeping. In fact, research has shown that for each lb-of muscle you will burn 100-more calories/day.

Doesn’t that sound great?

So, toss your fear to the side and know that working out with weights, won’t build huge muscles and turn you into a bodybuilder, unless of course, you decide to begin training like a body builder!

OK LADIES…now lift those weights and watch your body transform.

Osteoporosis: a disease caused by porous bone and low bone density that most women will suffer from as they age. In fact, those plagued with osteoporosis have an increased susceptibility to fractures which can even be fatal. BUT, exercise with weights will help to strengthen and increase bone density.

Research has shown that 6-months of using weights may increase bone mineral density by as much as 15-percent. As you increase your muscle tissue, your bones must adapt to accommodate this increase in your muscle mass. Your bones respond by increasing in density, therefore resulting in a stronger skeletal structure and a reduced risk for osteoporosis.

I can custom design a 1-on-1 ONLINE or In-home 1-on-1 exercise training programs — JUST for YOU — that implements weights with GUARANTEED RESULTS.