Are you putting enough fuel on your inner fire?

I see it all over the place — people that let their inner flame buried under a pile of worries, thoughts, fears, duties, responsibilities, EXCUSES! You know, those living, walking husks that have resigned their dreams, their passions. They go to work because they have to, not because it makes them happy. They sit on a sofa and watch TV after work, trying to forget what has happened during the day. Like bombarding your brain with nonsense — from any source: TV, your phone, your laptop, the phone, your so-called friends (whom, in some cases, you chose for the same purpose like the TV) — will make things go away.

Back in university, when I was heading to one of my classes, I’ve met one of my teachers. Any kind of spark was gone from her eyes. She looked exactly like a robot — going for the daily grind, only to take it from the start the second day. That was the cherry on the top — the moment in which I clearly said to myself “I will never become a teacher! I don’t want to become like this, I don’t want to fight the system, I don’t want to struggle on a daily basis — until my inner flame gets totally obstructed”.

Yet, few years on fast forward, I did become a teacher. In a private school. During the initial interview one of the key questions was if I could do anything I would like fr my classes. The answer sealed the deal — as long as I would teach the topics in the curriculum, I could choose any approach.

All of a sudden, I woke up in a my childhood dream world. To better understand this, I need to tell you a bit about my background. I was always curious about everything surrounding me. During the summers I was exploring nature in my grandparents’ villages. I was picking flowers from the forest and turning them into perfume. I was making soap. I even created my own mini loom. One day I read about making charcoal — and guess what? I became the “charcoal master”. This later fueled my passion for Science — I was especially fascinated by Chemistry. I created my own secret lab at home by the time I was 12 and was doing all sorts of crazy things.

I started playing in the lab — my students always loved the crazy experiments. And so did I. Memories started resurfacing. Experiments I only dreamed about but could never actually put in practice were now at my fingertips. With every egg shell explosion, rainbow in a test-tube, flaming hand — my passion was slowly resurfacing and shining brighter.

Were there things I did not like about my job? You bet — from planning to long meetings to useless paperwork/processes. But they were all balanced by the energy I got from all the crazy things I was doing in the lab. And when that couldn’t keep things in check anymore, I chose to change the setting. To take my passion and try to reach more people — outside of the classroom as well.

For me, it’s a simple equation. Do your best — and try to be the best at what you are doing. Even if that means focusing on your passion as a counterweight for all the other aspects you might not like. If everything else fails, and you still “don’t like the place where you are — change it, you are not a tree”! (fell in love with this quote the first time I saw it — Jim Rohn :). Take your passion, pump work into it and shine your light onto the whole world!