I surrender

Some things are just not meant to happen. And pushing them only causes tension and slows down our progress.

The story — in a nutshell. Since I started freelancing/solo-preneuring, I also had periods in which my cash-flow was not perfect. You know those times when you pay expenses in advance and you only get paid weeks later after the project. So I thought I might just do some project work on freelancing platforms. So far so good, even had few gigs (not much, but still, something to start with). But all hell broke loose when trying to withdraw the money from the account. Even though they gave me the OK after submitting all my details (including my VAT number), all of a sudden, when requesting the money, they were asking for an ID verification. Fair enough.

But this is where a truly Kafka-esque scenario started. Submitted my Passport and my residence permit. The permit was not acceptable as a proof of my address. Submitted a pdf from my internet banking with my bank account details. Not good. Submitted my address book in pdf format from the same internet banking — with the clear link visible. Not good. Got a bank statement from the bank, with the stamp and everything (but alas, my address not visible — because at the end of the day, the bank is dealing with my financial transactions, not with my residence). Offered my rent contract. My registration certificate for my company — issued once again by an authority in the Czech Republic. Still not good.

They are asking for a monthly bill with my name on it. I do not have any bills on my name (surprising, I know!). All my utilities are on my landlord’s name and the fees are just included in my total rent. As for my phone — I have a PrePaid card, topping it up as needed. So once again, no monthly bill. Kept repeating this to the customer support, they seemed to have troubles even imagining that there is somebody that does not have monthly bills on his/her name.

Here’s the thing. I could change my Internet contract on my name. Guess what they would require as proof of residence? My lease contract / residency permit. The same ones that are not accepted by the freelance platform as proof of my address. So I would literally have to go above and beyond (after already investing quite some time in the last days sending them files, going to the bank etc.), inconvenience my landlord as well, only to get a monthly bill with my address on it. Certified by my residence permit…

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that it’s better to focus on your dreams and goals, rather than dealing with somebody else’s absurdity. Thank you, Upwork for the reminder! Sayonara! Back to crushing my goals!